"I've seen her many times. Extremely beautiful, classy French lady from Montreal."




"Wow I saw her today! That was incredible and she is very beautiful. Would definitely repeat!"



" I spent 2 hours with this total babe last summer, Let’s just say I couldn’t get enough of her !"



"Ok we all know that in this hobby you win some you lose some... But right now I am #winning. So It's my bday and I want to celebrate of course. Texted couple SPs to try to arrange something and unfortunately but fortunately nothing worked out. So I texted Victoria, you know I figured her pics are too good to be true but what the hell. So I put down the phone played some vids and all of the sudden she replied and she was available. Arrange an immediate meeting and she was more that willing to oblige. She provided with her list of services which is extensive. Get to her place (beautiful condo downtown) and she opens the door and my jaw instantly dropped. You hear people reviewing that the pictures don't do an sp justice well that is totally the case here. I don't part take on the hobby often enough but when I do I kinda wanna have some good stories to tell... Well as I type this I am still shaking. Best service, actually best everything. To quote Chappelle portraying Rick James "I wish I had more hands so I can give Victoria four thumbs up 👍👍👍👍... WOW"



"I got the change to meet with Victoria this evening, and she did not disappoint. She was beautiful, down to earth, easy to talk to, and she knew how to please. It was my first time with a SP and I am happy I chose her. She was a great kisser, had an amazing body, and the cutest accent. She was just sexy all around and seemed like she has an awesome personality. I would recommend everyone see her, she is well worth it. I can't wait till I see her again. Thank you Victoria!"



"This beautiful French woman is a total rocket, Crazy body and super pretty. All what you would expect from a Montreal woman with great reviews. Great kisser amazing skills all around, Definitely a repeat !!!! Thanks Victoria"



"Wow! I met up with Victoria Lyon for a session. She was very accommodating and very easy to talk to as I was nervous. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed fast. She has a rockin body as well I will definitely repeat when she comes back . Thank you Victoria!"



"Just saw Victoria Lyon. Stunning. I met her with Julia Deville last time they were in town. I always see Julia when she is in town but this visit she didn't come with Victoria. Definitely enjoyed my visit with Victoria. She's at a private incall as opposed to a hotel this trip. Everything clean and well appointed. Victoria is tall and curvy which is a site to behold. She offers a full on gfe session that left me exhausted. She has an ad up with rate info . I highly recommend as she is among the quality French ladies that bless us from Montreal. Maybe a duo with her and Julia in the future but I'm not a young man anymore. May have to top up my insurance if I try that."




"Scheduling a session with Victoria Lyon was a breeze and very straightforward. This visit happened during my last visit to Montreal. I had an awesome time and I highly recommend booking a date with Victoria Lyon"



"I flew to Montreal for business, and contacted her a couple days ahead of time. She is a wonderful French-Canadian woman who knows how make you happy. She is professional, accommodating, sexy as hell, incredibly, beautiful, and I will repeat if I get a chance."



"I saw Victoria’s travel notice on Eros and on P411 and after reading her excellent reviews, I knew I had to meet her. If you like Gwyneth Paltrow (GP) you are going to LOVE Victoria. She really looks a lot like her, but in a super sexy kind of way. Again with Victoria, I continue to see that Montreal women are the most beautiful and sensual of all Canada. She is drop dead gorgeous with an amazing body and super eager to please."



"I was in unfamiliar terrain while on business . As luck would have it I was referred to this gem . You must see her"



"Victoria is a wonderful French-Canadian young woman who knows how make you happy. She is full of energy, beautiful, and I will repeat."




"Victoria is way to much fun, I was in heaven !!! Everything that she stated in her add she was. Provided me with an exceptional GFE experience in which she held nothing back and she paid attention to all the details, in that hour spent with her, I was in complete bliss. Really pretty face, just plain DDG, and that body of hers is as good or better in person than the photos she uses in her ad. Perfectly toned, firm, tan, just so well put together, I couldn't take my eyes off her the entire time, I loved watching her walk around naked, OMG (...) I'm in luv, ha ha. Thanks Victoria."

Looks face = 10 /  Looks body = 10 / Service = 10



"The wait was well worth it, beautiful woman with a great attitude and sexy accent! After passing miss Victorias screening I was able to book an appointment with her sometime last month, choose the earliest available and was able to have the privilege of being her first her visitor from Cali. All the hotel and room details were done via email and after finally getting to her door on the day of our appointment, I was pleasantly surprised to see this gorgeous girl answer her door. I had been staring at her pics for some time which I'm sure most of us have, just wondering what her face looks like accompanying that lovely figure of hers. Well she's got some very beautiful blue eyes, gorgeous face with pretty lips you can kiss for days. After my shower, she's there in some sexy lingerie (....) I would defiantly recommend seeing her while she's around before she leaves, gorgeous girl with a super nice attitude that provides an awesome session and I look forward to seeing her again!"
Looks face = 10 /  Looks body = 10 / Service = 10
- Charlie101

"Amazing doubles with Elsa.  I saw Victoria and Elsa were visiting and couldn't pass up the chance to see them both. I scheduled two hours with them while they were in San Jose. Now, double sessions can be hit or miss, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but I figured that these ladies were so damn hot that even the "worst case" would be pretty amazing. When I entered the room my jaw fell open, as it seemed like I was entering the changing rooms for a Victorias Secret fashion show -- both ladies were looking hot in their lingerie and heels. They quickly made me feel comfortable and we got the action started. And this was one of those "amazing" doubles, which to me means two things: they have to be in to each other, and they have to both be into me at the same time - both of these came true, so I was in heaven for the entire time. At no time did either girl "sit it out" while the other one paid attention to me ... they were either both all over me, or over each other while I rested. And if was GFE all the way. At the end of the session, I was on cloud nine and in a dreamland. Now I see Victoria is back visiting again, and will make sure to pay her a visit."
Looks face = 10 /  Looks body = 10 / Service = 10
- NS70


"I saw that Victoria was in SF and couldn't wait to see her again. It's been five or so years since she last visited and I had a wonderful time with her during her last tour. She remembered me right away and we set up an appointment. Victoria is very professional and prompt in all of her correspondences which I really appreciate since so many providers are flakey in this department. When she opened the door she was a beautiful as ever with flowing blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. Her English is excellent and we chatted a bit to catch up before I jumped into the shower to clean up.

She was waiting for me in her lingerie (...) Victoria is a real gem and I can't wait for her to visit SF again. Highly recommended."

Appearance = 9 / Service = 9

- Virilitas


"Setting up the appointment with Victoria Lyon was fairly easy. When I opened the door I was pleasantly surprised. She came in a nice casual dress. Beautiful face, close to perfect body. She is much more prettier than her pics. This girl has an incredible beautiful face with a tight ass you could crack eggs on, the most amazing sweet little behind. Nice slim tummy that rises up into two beautiful breast. She is also a very sweet girl. We both relaxed and talked for a while about the biz. We kissed and then she led me to the bed where the fun began... I spent some time just admiring that perfect body (...) She loves what she does. Will definitely repeat".

Appearance = 9 / Service = 9

- SageSage